EFT "Tapping" for Day Traders

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EFT is "emotional freedom technique".

It's a trauma therapy that one can self administer. (It is fucking amazing.) It helps one remove or diminish the emotional and/or physiological response to stressful situations... in this case, ending the trading day "red".

For example, EFT is used commonly with war vets to help them "reprogram" their subconscious mind to NOT get triggered when they think about traumatic experiences from war. And if they are getting triggered, they can use the technique by themselves in the moment to reduce the emotional response to the stressful or triggering thought or experience.

This is good for ANY stressful thoughts when we are triggered emotionally or physically. For example, I was triggered this morning when I decided to make this video for you guys. I was sad and stressed about being red. It's not a big thing - nothing like war vet PTSD, by any means - but I still clearly have subconscious trauma from having had red days when I scale up my position size. EFT is something I can use to help me process and release the physiological and subconscious triggers that cause me to be stressed in or after a trade.

EFT is something I can do every day (even several times a day, if need be) or even do while I'm IN a trade if I'm stressed.

The technique will calm the body and reprogram the subconscious mind to NOT get triggered in trades, or to at least become LESS triggered or stressed in trades. That way, my body moves out of it's subtle fight or flight (stress) response and the blood moves back into my prefrontal cortex (brain), allowing me to make calm, rational decisions while I'm in a trade.

It's fucking awesome for reprogramming the subconscious mind and body for stresses in trading or life.

I've made a free introduction video for you about it here. And the tapping itself is free inside.

I hope it helps. It has definitely helped me.

Sessions Included:

  • Introduction - What is EFT?
  • EFT "Tapping" for Day Traders: Tapping on "Red Days" or "Ending Red"
  • EFT: "I Am A Consistently Profitable Trader"

WARNING: I use explicit language in these videos so watch out around kids. I drop a few f-bombs here and there. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a therapist, psychologist, or mental. health professional. NOR am I a financial advisor. This FREE video is for educational purposes only. This does NOT replace getting professional medical or financial advice, which I cannot provide. Do your own research and use at your own risk. My intention is to be kind and supportive to other traders and the world by sharing what's helping me, personally. Thanks.

p.s. you'll hear me refer to my "team". I'm referring to https://www.juicytradez.org/. I am NOT affiliated with juicy tradez and do NOT get financial compensation for this recommendation.

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A Series of free EFT "Tapping" videos for day traders.


EFT "Tapping" for Day Traders

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